Resources and Backlog

So much to learn! Here's the stuff I'm working my way through - more detailed commentary on individual posts when I've made some progress on each.



In progress
  • Edible Forest Gardens by David Jacke
  • The Permaculture Way by Graham Bell

Not started
  • Creating a Forest Garden by Martin Crawford
  • Bioshelter Market Garden by Darrell Frey
  • Back to Basics (3rd Ed) by Abigail Gehring
  • Permaculture - A Designer's Manual by Bill Mollison
  • Permaculture Two by Bill Mollison
  • Permaculture Plants by Jeff Nugent & Julia Boniface
  • Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren


In progress
Paul Wheaton's Youtube channel

Not started
Global Gardener by Bill Mollison
In Grave Danger of Falling Food by Bill Mollison
Forest Gardening with Robert Hart
Synergistic Garden by Emelia Hazelip
Permaculture in Alpine Regions by Sepp Holzer
Aquaculture by Sepp Holzer
Farming with Terraces by Sepp Holzer
Permaculture in Practice by Malcolm Baldwin
Greening the Desert by Geoff Lawton
Permaculture Soils by Geof Lawton


Completed/Caught Up
Paul Wheaton's Permaculture Podcast
In progress
Scott Mann's Permaculture Podcast

Online Communities

Formal Education/Certifications
Look for NYC local PDCs
So far I've found The Center for Bioregional Living

Learn basic plant identification
Visit the botanical gardens
Wander through Central Park with a plant ID book