Saturday, February 4, 2012

Permaculture Ethic #2: Care for People

I feel like the second ethic needs an Asimov twist:

"A permaculturalist must care for the people around them, except where such care would conflict with the First Ethic."


Education, education, education. Water, food and shelter - without these people don't care about much else, and rightly so. Permaculture systems can help provide clean water, abundant food and efficient shelter, so supporting and promoting the educators that are designing these systems is a good global interpretation of the second ethic.


Zone zero - the first person to care for is yourself ("secure your own oxygen mask on before you assist others"). A healthy, rested, well-fed you can have a much bigger impact than the alternatives. Do the things you love, make a good profit (heck, make an obscene profit if your skills or products are worth it - you can choose how much to give back in ethic #3), plan for the future, and never stop learning.

Next, your family - a strong relationship with lots of joy, sharing and communication pays for itself a thousandfold. Support your family in their dreams, provide them with food, water, shelter and safety.

Finally, your community - Jack Spirko likes to say that it is better to feed your neighbors than to shoot them. Share your knowledge and passion so that your neighbors can thrive along with you.

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