Friday, February 3, 2012

Magazine: Permaculture Magazine (UK)

Just got my first two issues in my subscription to Permaculture Magazine from the UK.

Talk about getting a quick fix! My pile of books is daunting and growing, and as much fun as Volume One of Edible Forest Gardens is (seriously great book), it will be a while before I'm through enough of it to start to comment! So the joy of picking up the magazine and getting my 5-minute shot of permaculture can't be overstated.

Based in the UK so the people and places are on the wrong continent, but they are temperate just like we are here and there is a tonne (see, British spelling!) of articles that are geo-agnostic.

I went right out and got the first 5 issues as PDFs with the vague idea of working through the whole backlog of past issues - a great idea, but now I have to compare 3 pounds * 70 issues, convert to dollars and I could afford the Mollison/Lawton DVD PDC.

I want it all, and I want it now :-)

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