Saturday, February 4, 2012

Magazine: Permaculture Activist

Keeping with the light reading theme, my first issue of my subscription to Permaculture Activist magazine just got here, sadly somewhat torn up (spindled? mutilated?) by its journey from Indiana to NYC but still readable.

A little thinner than PM(UK) but still packed with content. I'm really loving the bite-sized nature of the magazines, though I have to remind myself not to go overboard on subscriptions - the tyranny of an unread stack of magazines can compete with real life!

Favorite article from issue #83: Eric Toensmeier's Perennial Staple Crops. Eric is the co-author of the excellent Edible Forest Gardens books, and this article brings some great information to use in design. As a software geeks, I'm constantly looking for ways to organize information, and nothing cries out for it more than the interface between species and how they fit into permaculture design. This is a great source!

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