Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Podcast: Paul Wheaton's Permaculture - Caught Up!

Woof - a hundred and three podcasts!

My absolute favorites are the random rants - not so much any particular topic but those times when Paul just has a lot of stuff to get off his chest. They twist and turn, hang out for a while on one item, blow through three more in 30 seconds, then loiter again for a half hour. Incredible. No links - discover and love these on your own!

Second fave are the book read-alongs - since I've got the books to follow along too, I can get a quick gauge of my comprehension level as well as getting pointers to some of the key concepts.
Toby Hemenway's Gaia's Garden
Sepp Holzer's Permaculture

Finally, the group presentations - recordings of Paul going through one of his articles-as-powerpoint - are their own form of goodness. Okay, I cheated and listened to these with the article open on my computer, since my extremely minimal visual imagination wasn't up to converting from just audio to sensaround.
Raising Chickens
Wofati (eco-housing)

But that doesn't cover it - Jocelyn feels like an old friend now (and thanks for trying to herd the cats back on topic!), Jack Spirko shares his interests, Caleb and Krista add their insights, Maddy Harland points us to new things to read, the never-ending argument with Helen Atthowe about live-plant nitrogen sharing, and MOPs (masters of permaculture) drop in: Toby Hemenway and Geoff Lawton! (To be fair, there were probably other MOPs in there, e.g. Skeeter, but Toby and Geoff I recognize )

These podcasts are a great break from eyestrain ;-)

Links to Paul's articles - all good reads:

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