Sunday, January 1, 2012

Podcast: Paul Wheaton's Permaculture

From the guy who brought us the community at, Paul Wheaton is my kind of guy - software geek, loud, opinionated, quarrelsome, pragmatic, hyperactive, passionate, and with a big heart.

I'm working my way forward through the hundred podcasts he's recorded so far (get them at itunes by searching his name, or direct from his site). The production quality sucks so far - choppy audio, background noises of driving and eating, abrupt cuts, meandering off-topic rants, ubiquitous profanity, and I DON'T CARE!

And neither should you.

This is a real guy, doing real things, following up on his interests and passions and sharing them with us. It is a fun, gritty roller-coaster that ends up informing and entertaining - I'm regularly smiling and laughing out loud while listening, and I'm just as often rewinding to write down a name or search terms on whatever scrap of paper is handy.

I love these podcasts - listen to them!

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