Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book: The Rebel Farmer by Sepp Holzer

I want to be Sepp when I grow up.

Unfortunately, that ain't possible, because the best time to start being Sepp is apparently when you are born. First, be born with curiosity, integrity, practicality, inventiveness, persistence, flexibility and a genius for understanding ecologies. Second, be born to a farming family on difficult land. Finally, face challenges and obstacles your whole life that are matched only by our successes and triumphs. You still won't be Sepp, but you'd be fun to chat with.

This autobiography is a glorious insight into the man than Paul Wheaton puts at the very top of his eco-scale - better than everyone else on the planet. There are tidbits of techniques scattered throughout the book, but they are beside the point - Sepp is absorbing because of the way he thinks.

Not available electronically, but worth the tree for the printed version. Go read it!

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