Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book: Permaculture in a Nutshell by Patrick Whitefield

A very good mix of the philosophy and key facets of permaculture, Patrick has a very engaging writing style. This book gives all of my English teacher's favorite things: who, what, where how, why and when. Well organized and brief (it takes about an hour to read), the details lean towards England, but at this point theory and repetition are my best learning tools.

Patrick's passion comes through loud and clear - he loves this stuff and wants everyone else to. There were a few points where I was initially put off by the social commentary; however, the topics of overpopulation, materialism and consumption are uncomfortable and need to be discussed - they make the need for sustainable solutions more immediate and apparent, and I ended up appreciating them.

More than anything else, I think this one goes into the library as what you give to your friends when they want to know what the heck you are spending all your time doing!

Recommended, and I look forward to reading Patrick's other books.

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